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Electronic store FIRMA PIEKARZ

Firma Piekarz is a wholesaler of electronic and electrotechnical parts and materials for electronics. We also manufacture aluminum heat sinks. Almost all of our goods are new and repetitive parts. We do not specifically look for cheap bargains and we pay great attention to the quality of the products we offer.

The vast majority of our sales are made through our online store. At our headquarters it is possible to pick up orders placed online. We no longer operate a physical store.

We try to complete placed orders as soon as possible, most of them are shipped within 1 working day. For our customers, we also deal with the completion of deliveries and sourcing of items that we do not have in stock.

Our wide range of products includes semiconductors, switches, enclosures, sensors, safety components, connectors and much more. We encourage you to check out new items, or our bestsellers. A sizable portion of our products are imported in-house, so we can offer them at very competetive prices.

Relays offered by
Relays offered by piekarz.plRelays offered by
As the electronics market developed, our range of relays grew. We currently offer about 500 relay models from stock.

An interesting item is the 600XU-A multifunction time relay with ...
Adam Piekarz, 2024-06-05
DC relays
DC relaysDC relays
We have solid-state relays for DC switching on offer.

For safe use of the relay, a very fast fuse should be used in the load circuit.

When switching inductive ...
Adam Piekarz, 2024-05-06
Nord Elektronik Kazmierczak LED Clocks
Nord Elektronik Kazmierczak LED ClocksNord Elektronik Kazmierczak LED Clocks
We have introduced LED clocks KZ319 and KZ320 . The clocks retrieve the current time using the GPS receiver included in the package. In addition, after connecting temperature ...
Adam Piekarz, 2024-04-24
Dinkle connectors and terminal blocks
Dinkle connectors and terminal blocksDinkle connectors and terminal blocks
We are constantly expanding our offer of Dinkle connectors with a 5.08mm raster .

Recently we have introduced interesting connectors with a lever . They complete the family ...
Zdzisław Piekarz, 2024-03-28
ONPOW switches and buttons
ONPOW switches and buttonsONPOW switches and buttons
We are constantly expanding our offer of vandal-proof buttons from Onpow. Recently we have introduced new buttons from the latest delivery.

We also recommend your attention to interesting switches ...
Zdzisław Piekarz, 2024-02-05
Panasonic and Nichicon capacitors
Panasonic and Nichicon capacitorsPanasonic and Nichicon capacitors
We have introduced new groups of high-quality electrolytic capacitors:
- Panasonic capacitors ,
- Nichicon capacitors .

We recommend them especially to those of our customers who are ...
Zdzisław Piekarz, 2024-01-26
Drills bits for metal HSS
Drills bits for metal HSSDrills bits for metal HSS
We have supplemented our offer with a line of metal drill bits and specialized aluminum drill bits . These are high-quality drill bits manufactured by the Korean company YG. ...
Adam Piekarz, 2023-11-24
Solder with Bismuth
Solder with BismuthSolder with Bismuth
We have introduced a new low-temperature Bi57Sn42Ag1 solder in the form of wires in 25g packages.

This solder wire has a melting point of 138°C, so it should be ...
Zdzisław Piekarz, 2023-09-06
RJ45, USB and HDMI connectors in IP67 design
RJ45, USB and HDMI connectors in IP67 designRJ45, USB and HDMI connectors in IP67 design
We have expanded our product range to include waterproof and dustproof RJ45, USB, HDMI and fiber optic connectors. The connectors manufactured by Weipu are IP67 rated.

The connectors come in ...
Adam Piekarz, 2023-08-30
Solid state relays
Solid state relaysSolid state relays
As part of the expansion of our offering for solid state relays , we have introduced a new series of single-phase relays from 10 to 125A .

These ...
Zdzisław Piekarz, 2023-08-03
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